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StyleWriter Overview
Why StyleWriter?
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StyleWriter Overview

StyleWriter is the best word processing add-on on the market. It teaches you to write in the style of top authors, journalists, and academians by checking every document for thousands of style and English usage faults. Ten times more powerful than any other writing aid, StyleWriter improves your writing style instantly. StyleWriter helps you write in the clear English by identifying words and phrases in your writing towards improved clarity and style.

StyleWriter is not a grammar checker. Grammar checkers try to show you how to write a correct sentence by analyzing each word for its part of speech and then only accepting sentences if the parts of speech are in the right order. StyleWriter does not parse the sentence but looks for the poor style habits that you can change to improve the quality of writing. However, grammar will improve if you write clearly and concisely, using shorter sentences and active verbs. StyleWriter constantly encourages you to adopt this clear style and forces you to read your work. Thus, many grammar mistakes in your writing will disappear as you rework your original text.

StyleWriter can help you write better publications, instruction manuals and research papers also

Designed by journalists, editors, and business writing tutors, StyleWriter gives you the ability to write like a professional with advanced skill and precision. To use StyleWriter, simply download, install, then click the StyleWriter button in Microsoft Word’s or WordPerfect’s toolbar to launch a review for common writing faults – facilitating the ability to trim excess words, and to simplify and clarify your writing style. Checking for good English usage is easy with StyleWriter!

Why StyleWriter?

Turn your word processor into the world’s most powerful computerized editor and learn to write and edit like a pro. Before paying professional editors to review your thesis or dissertation, use StyleWriter as your own personal professional editor to review and flag common writing faults – often resulting from poor writing habits, or knowledge – and only pay once!

Imagine you could afford to pay an editor to improve every document you write, sending your thesis or dissertation, and receiving a shorter, clearer, and more effective document back. However, the cost would be hundreds of dollars for each submission. With StyleWriter you can edit your own documents and save money. Sure, a professional editor would show you other ways to improve your document; however, you could first refine and proof your document which would ultimately lower the overall costs and time associated with the use of a professional editor.

In higher education, key advantages for using StyleWriter exist for both students and faculty, offering significant time and cost savings, with improved reliability, accuracy, and consistency!


Regardless of your level of writing expertise, producing a quality research document for higher education (highered) students is difficult and reflects the highest form of scholarship. Based on the extensive number of available features, StyleWriter eliminates much of the guesswork out of writing. Ideal for English as second language (ESL) students!

StyleWriter can help you write better essays and masters papers

StyleWriter includes for following key benefits for students

  • Robust grammar checking
  • Pre-defined and selectable categories
  • Integrates with major word processing software
  • Repeated and unlimited document reviews for one price
  • Custom category creation capabilities (for specific institutional writing criteria)
  • Clearly labeled writing errors for correction


In addition to the above features and benefits, StyleWriter enhances the professor’s ability to quickly, seamlessly, and consistently proof scholarly documents and provide thorough and timely feedback. Additional key features include

  • Ability to automatically insert pre-defined, or customized, advise/feedback as “bubble” comments using change tracking, based on writing anomalies identified via StyleWriter. Save review time and enables standardized feedback for common writing errors.
  • Create custom search patterns using wildcard parameters, with self-defined comments for advise/feedback. Ideal for specific review areas, such as writing style (APA, MLA, etc.), formatting, or specialized/unique institutional writing criteria.

StyleWriter Pricing and Ordering (Click on each option for description and ordering)

For StyleWriter support, please contact StyleWriter Support directly at support@editorsoftware.com. To contact Dr. Lonny regarding StyleWriter ordering, pricing, Dissertation101 mentoring, or other support services, please CLICK HERE and Dr. Lonny will respond promptly.

StyleWriter really helped me during my Master’s degree with an 81 percent average. I am sure part of that is due to StyleWriter making my writing more readable and succinct.
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